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Casting superpowers for everyone

Get castings done fast, with a beautiful talent board, automation and more.

Casting feature for content production management platform, built for modeling agencies
Online casting tool for modelling agency

Simplify your casting process

  • Interactive online casting boards
  • Specify options and track them in the calendar
  • Clients can comment, rate and give feedback
  • Reuse talent profiles across projects

Automate the heavy work

  • Import model agency packages in seconds
  • Automatic image detection from model links
  • Download automatically created PDF compcards
  • Use tags and comments to structure your talent database
Package import feature for content production management platform built for modeling and talent agencies
Model profiles optimised on a content production management tool

Stunning model presentation

  • Mobile responsive model profiles
  • Enter valuable metadata like previous experience and sizes
  • Grid and list view cover all use cases
  • Drag and drop images and videos

Castings FAQs

Do I have to manually create talent profiles?

Can I keep track of the option process?

What information can I store in the talent profile?

How does the package link import work?

Why should I use this over sharing PDF compcards with clients?

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