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Beazy is an all-in-one platform that helps photographers to plan, produce and deliver content from start to finish. Start for free.

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Tasks management feature inside production management tool
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Project screenshot for a product management toolProject for a photoshoot managed by our tool for content productionModel profiles optimised on a content production management toolModel profiles optimised on a content production management tool

Keep track of everything in one place

Beazy provides a digital toolkit to manage: contact details, talents, shooting locations, media files, shot lists, tasks, events and more.

Make your clients happy

Speed up client feedback and make a great impression with your own client portal. Share project resources and keep track of client activities.

"My clients love the time tracker and color flagging in the media galleries."

Jean-Marc Wiesner, Photographer

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Media gallery download image feature

Save time with smart workflows

Stop wasting time on admin task. Start using Beazy's smart workflows and automation that are tailored towards content production.

Popular features, and why you need them

Media galleries feature to manage content production better

Media galleries

Share media galleries with clients and colleagues and collaborate online.

  • Switch between beautiful gallery, list and grid views
  • Use colour flags to mark file statuses
  • Clients can comment, rate and give feedback
  • Track who viewed and downloaded files
  • Download any image dimension, real-time resized on our server

Project management

Become a project management star with our easy-to-use tools.

  • Create and assign project tasks
  • Save your projects in folders to stay organized
  • Access all relevant information in a well-designed dashboard
  • Track the time you worked on a project
  • Plan your team's workload
Milestone feature in management tool for content production.
Online casting tool for modelling agency


Create talent selections and keep track of availabilities.

  • Create comprehensive and beautiful talent profiles
  • Import agency package links to create profiles automatically
  • Full control over portfolio with drag and drop
  • Clients can rate and give feedback
  • Mark options and view options in the calendar

Shot lists and storyboards

Create beautiful shot lists and storyboards in seconds.

  • Use a fast workflow: drag to change the order of shots
  • Mobile responsive and great looking boards and lists
  • Feedback with comments on each shot
  • Add crew, location and talent from your Beazy database
  • Switch between list and board view
Shotlist feature for content production management platform
Calendar features offered by project management tool to manage content production


Use a production calendar to keep track of your projects

  • One shared calendar for your team
  • Create events and milestones for each project
  • Filter by category and project
  • Beautiful timeline and calendar view to plan your production
  • Integration to Google Calendar to sync events


Manage shooting locations in one place

  • Create location pages with all relevant images
  • Connected to Google maps for easy routing
  • Create location selections and share them with clients
Location feature to keep track of location profiles as a production agency or a creative
CRM tool for production agencies

Customer relationship management

Build a database with all the contacts and vendors you work with.

  • Easy-to-use CRM system for creative teams
  • Manage contact details, companies and locations
  • Use tags and comments to collaborate
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