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Next level shot lists and storyboards

Trade your spreadsheets and PDFs with online shot lists and storyboards.

Shotlist feature of a production tool for visual content management
Shotlist feature for content production management platform

Full control over shot items

  • Drag and drop shots to reorder
  • Configure the table columns to customise shot item data
  • Create multiple shot lists per project
  • Export shot lists as PDF
  • Connect shots to talents and locations

Switch between storyboards and lists

  • Use the grid view to create storyboards
  • Two-in-one: shot lists and storyboards use the same shot info
  • Add images to shot items
  • Mark shots completed during production
Storyboard feature for content production management platform
Collaborative tool for creatives screenshot

Collaborate with clients and colleagues

  • Share shot lists with others
  • Give edit or view permissions
  • Collect comments per shot

Shot list and storyboard FAQs

What information can I add to shots?

What's the difference between a shot list and a storyboard?

Can I export shot lists as a PDF?

Can I reuse shot list templates?

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