Discover a curated list of 5 location ideas for your brand's next photo or video shoot! This article contains specific information on different types of locations, what to look for in a location and suggestions on where to start your search for the best possible location for your photo or video shoot.

If you're reading this you probably already know how important locations are to a photo or video shoot. Great, but now what? Well, before you start running around location scouting, here are 5 easy location ideas for a successful shoot!

Anywhere with water

Young woman drinking boxed water in a little boat, snowing.

I thought I would start this list by saying something very obvious like "just go outside and explore", which you definitely should do, but that is not very helpful, is it? Instead of simply recommending that you go outside and consider my job here done, I would suggest searching for a place with water.

Beaches, lakes, ports, cliffs, and rivers are all really visually striking spots perfect for shooting. But that is not all, water is very interesting because both the photographer and models or actors can interact with it in many different ways, which means that even something as simple as a shower can turn into an amazingly versatile location.
You can use the water as a background, use its reflection, get water only on specific parts of your model's face or body, get the models to wet their hair, you can shoot underwater, shoot through glass, make foam, add things such as fruits or flowers in the water, change the water's colour (in a bathtub), and much, much more. Just let your creativity run wild!

Locations with water are great for photo or video shoots, but water itself (regardless of location) is a good tool to keep in mind whenever you need to "add a little something" to an image.

Portrait of a blonde girl in the sea.
A young man in a foaming bath.
A young girl wearing a black and white swimsuit in a swimming pool.a
Portrait of a man through a rainy window.

In your city

Model in a blue minimalistic building.

You would probably be surprised at how many unique and incredible locations can be found in your city! This applies even to the smallest of villages at the top of the Swiss Alps. You just need to know where to look!

Parking garages, public transport stations (train, metro, bus, etc), playgrounds, parks, small alleys, rooftops, sidewalks, skate parks, staircases, stadiums, airports and water fountains are all great places to start. But most importantly, no matter where you are you should be able to find a nice coloured or textured wall, graffitis, a sunny-looking street, a garage door or just a nicely illuminated store's window.

Male model wearing a diamonds jumper.
Male model posing in a dead-end street.
Male model sitting on a chain, glass building on the background.
Girl posing backwards with a illuminating text on the wall.

Industrial zones

Male model walking in an industrial street.

This might be surprising, but industrial parks (or zones) are actually a great and highly recommended location for a photo or video shoot. The reason for this is that they offer lots of very interesting background, colours and textures which could be hard to find in other places. They also constantly change so you will always have something new to capture there.

Having said that, we can probably all agree that industrial zones are not very pretty (trying my best not to say ugly). This is actually a good thing as it will contrast with the beauty of your model or product, creating a strong and impactful image.

A man wearing a mask inside an industrial building.
A man wearing a black decorative mask in an industrial area.
Blonde girl wearing a hoodie in front of an industrial building.
Male model wearing a pink velvet hoodie inside an industrial building.

All sorts of buildings

A man contemplating a picture in a museum.

Each building is unique, so try to think of the buildings around you and what is special or beautiful about them. There are all sorts of building you could use that might have special colour schemes, aesthetically pleasing design, textures, architecture, light and feel to them.

Co-working spaces, libraries, botanical gardens, restaurants, cafés, theatres, universities, hotels, museums and even barns are all worth exploring.

A young man going upstair in a modern designed library.
A young girl wearing glasses in a café, drinking a coffee and reading a magazine.
Portrait of a black female model inside a library.
A thoughtful girl in a library.

Unique homes and apartments

Wohnzimmer, spirit of Berlin, to rent in Beazy.

Last but not least, stylish homes and apartments are highly recommended for all sorts commercial work, working with influencers or showing products in action in real life scenario.

Renting a beautiful house or apartment has the advantage of giving you complete control over the location as well as giving you the freedom to style it however you want. While giving you the time and space to do what you need to do without getting disturbed by passers-by, customers or anyone else.

Something worth keeping in mind is that renting a private home does not only give you access to the obvious (bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc), but can also potentially get you access to the rooftop, parking garage, outside space and that beautiful bathroom we all wish we had for some of those "water shots".

Be careful because there is a catch with private homes, it is actually really hard to find them and get in touch with the owners. But today is your lucky day, Beazy is here to help! Easily find, contact and book beautifully-decorated homes, professional studios and other atypical places on Beazy, every booking is automatically insured up to €30K!

You know we've got your back 😉

Sunny vintage bedroom in Berlin, rent in Beazy.
Artistic loft, black bathroom, available to rent in Beazy.
Scandinavian vintage apartment in Berlin, available to rent in Beazy.
Eclectic living room in Berlin, available to rent in Beazy.

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