There are several details that you should consider to be better prepared for your shooting.

Clothes, legal terms, brand elements, is everything on point?

As with everything, good preparation is key.

Here are 5 tips on how to best prepare for a video shoot!

1. Have the script in mind

Even when you have a well-developed agenda and script for the day, something unexpected will (almost) always happen. At the same time, having a concrete timetable will help everything to run smoother which will allow you to relax and concentrate on your task.

Especially if you’re going to talk in front of the camera, we want you to look good, we want you to be Videogenic. For this, along with practice and good content, we care about your posture and your overall state of mind.

Looking comfortable in front of the lens comes from being comfortable. So the more prepared you are, the better you’ll feel, and the better the final result.

It is therefore important to have the script in mind, to stay relaxed and ready for the show.

2. Dress accordingly

Another detail to look at is the clothes. They definitely impact the way you feel, so it is important to wear something that you feel comfortable with, but also fits your brand image.

In general, simply wear your everyday clothes and it will be fine.

Sometimes only your upper body will be on camera. That does not mean that you should wear a Pyjama and socks, simply that you don't have to wear your brand-new shoes that might be uncomfortable.

Try to avoid striped shirts or finely patterned clothing, they might cause a strange effect on the images.

Ladies, avoid noisy jewelry. It will improve the quality of the recorded sound.

You can of course wear make-up and if wished, don’t hesitate to book an optional make-up artist on the shooting day.

3. Legal Terms

Another tip is to prepare the question of legal terms in advance. Do you have all the authorizations, the image rights?

The first questions are: Is the video filmed outside and does the filming obstruct traffic (whether automobile or pedestrian by placing a tripod or spotlights)?

For all indoor shots or when shooting on private property, you should make sure to have all prior permissions.

Legal document signed

There is also the issue of what you are filming, the subject of the video. Especially if the person is recognizable and if we will later publish the video, you need their agreement.

You can however easily find online a model for a commercial Film/Photography agreement.

Always print a template for the actors to sign on the spot.

4. Tidy it up

This next tip could seem a bit obvious, but if you’re filming in your office, have it tidy…and not only clean but also quiet. Especially for an interview, the less background noise, the better.

Normally planned in the script, a good location takes into account the acoustic and the lighting. However, there are simple things that you can optimize onsite. From the Air Conditioner to the printer, it is also good to put a "Do not Disturb" sign.

5. Logos and brand elements

You should have all the logos of every stakeholder you’d like to include ready. No matter if you will integrate them in the intro or the outro, it is essential to have a high-definition file (ideally in a vector format. .svg or .eps for example)

The same applies to other brand elements such as sound signatures, fonts, intro, lower third graphics, outro, etc.

This article was written by a Beazy Gang member. The author is Joffrey Umbenstock. You can check his work on his website or follow him on LinkedIn