Berlin is one of the top capital cities of the world, and because of that, it is a very vibrant city. Believe it or not, Berlin is 8 times as big as Paris and has way more canals than Venice or Amsterdam. On top of that, 44% of the city is a green area, such as a forest or a park. In addition, and because of how it was built, it is well known for having many underground bunkers, train stations and parties -oh well, sometimes they are underground too-.

As you can now start to imagine, the city is a full catalogue of scenarios, where people from all over the world take part in a boiling pot of cultural and recreational activities, on both sides of the Spree. 

This mix of culture and locations makes a great environment for photographers, where Amateurs and Pros can have a really good time exploring their abilities by taking amazing pictures. 

Here is a list of 7 -not so touristy I hope- places in Berlin where taking pictures is a must.

1. Haus Schwarzenberg

Address: Rosenthaler Str. 39
10178 Berlin-Mitte

How to get there:
Take the Sbahn to the Hackescher Markt station, the Ubahn to Weinmeisterstraße, or the tram to Gipsstraße and walk 5-10 minutes.

The Schwartzenberg house is an alley full of history, culture and art. It’s a gathering point for artists and intellectuals, as well as for those interested in urban art and history. You can find artists' studios, the Anne Frank memorial, a cinema, a bar, some stores and art galleries. It’s a unique experience so be sure to have your camera ready, there is plenty of small details hidden in painful sight. You will have multiple opportunities to catch a very unique picture with every step.  

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Photo by @lgtts on Instagram

2. Sundays at Mauerpark

Address: Bernauer Straße/Eberswalder Straße 10437 Berlin

How to get there:
Take the Ubahn or Tram Eberswalderstraße and walk 5-10 minutes.

How does a Flea Market, drinks and an open-air Karaoke sound? Well, if it sounded like an amazing combination to you too, then you have to visit Mauerpark on a Sunday. This is a full two-level experience. On the park at ground level, you can browse through a broad selection of stuff -offered to you at reasonable prices- at its amazing flea market. After 3 pm, you will hear the main attraction of the park, Mr Joe Hatchiban and his open-air Karaoke, while on the top of its small hill, you will have a great overview of the park and its surroundings. Also, on the top of Mauerpark’s hill, you can find a long wall with great street art. So, prepare the camera! Nobody knows what adventure awaits at this unique park.

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Photo by @Stefaanvp on Instagram

3. Oberbaumbrücke

How to get there:
Take the Ubahn or the Sbahn to Warschauer straße station and walk 5-10 minutes. 

Over Berlin’s main river is called the Spree, and just a few steps from the longest remaining of Berlin’s wall rests the impressive double-deck bridge called the Oberbaum bridge (or Oberbaumbrücke in German). This amazing piece of engineering was built in 1894 and since then, it divides two of the most famous districts of berlin, Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. What makes this a good place to take pictures is that it’s one of Berlin's most important landmarks, with amazing views of the Spree and the Molecule Man. One thing though. It plays Paper, Rock Scissors at night! It has 2 screens on each tower, that project icons side by side. So, make sure to bring a friend and chose a side. The loser pays for the beers while the winner takes the photos.

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Photo by @julie_soul on Instagram

4. Spandau Citadel

Address: Am Juliusturm 64, 13599 Berlin

How to get there:
Take the Ubahn to the Spandau Zitadelle station and walk for 5 minutes. 

This impressive fort was built over a very old settlement in the 7th century, and since then it has been dedicated to many uses, from a war warehouse to a museum, to a concert venue. You choose the mood for your pictures and the castle will deliver. It’s right between 2 main German Rivers, the Spree and the Havel. Currently, it houses 4 museums, and you can wander its entire grounds, including the artists’ workshops, the tower, and the underground excavation that houses the remains of its original settlement. Great pictures can be taken on the top of its observation tower, as it has a great view of the entire city. In its surroundings, you will find a few houses from the 13 century and a very beautiful park. The place is huge but it's very worth the walk so consider not bringing all your gear.

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Photo by

5. Upper terrace of the Bikini Berlin Mall.

Address: Budapester Str. 38-50, 10787 Berlin 

How to get there:
Take the Ubahn to the Kurfustendamm station, or Sbahn/Ubahn to Zoologischer Garten and walk 5 minutes from there. 

Bikini Berlin is quite a unique spot and its terrace sits right on the west side of the mall, one level up. You can access it via an entrance in front of the Kaiser Wilhelm Church (the most important sight in Ku’damm street), and from inside the Mall. The terrace is unique on its own and offers a particular view of the Zoo behind it. If you dare to go all the way up -when they are open again- to the Monkey Bar on top of the building, you will enjoy taking pictures of the city landscape while drinking a few cocktails. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, you can only access the terrace. But the important part of this place is the surroundings. Ku’damm has a lot of hidden photo spots for the observant photographer, without having to walk too much. 

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Photo by @Digitalarbyteron Instagram

6. Charlottenburg Palace Garden 

Address: Bernauer Straße/Eberswalder Straße 10437 Berlin

How to get there:
Take the Ubahn to Richard-Wagner Platz, or the Sbahn to Westend and as usual, walk 5-10 minutes.

The garden is incredibly beautiful, especially when it’s not so cold and the flowers start to bloom. I must mention that the garden and its surrounding forest are impressively well kept, and it has been like that for the past 300 years. You will enjoy the portraits of its rare and majestic arrays of flowers, and its world-famous bridge, mausoleum and Belvedere. It is without a doubt an amazing spot to disconnect from the city and take amazing nature photos.

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Photo by @DMKV on Instagram

7. Rummelsburger Bucht

How to get there:
Take the Sbahn to Treptower park and walk for 10-15 minutes.

This is one of my favourite chilling spots. From here you can photograph people fishing and swimming when it’s hot, but also, you will find a nice variety of boats to take many pictures from. On the small peninsula, there is a great walk. Now considered a historical landmark, the small peninsula used to house warehouses and boat cranes that can still be found as monuments. Great for industrial photos, with a pier ambience.

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Photo by @kadircelep on Instagram

If you need more inspiration you can find all the amazing locations in Berlin on this interactive map!

I hope that you enjoyed this personal list of mine and that you can have some lockdown relief with these incredible locations. In the end, Berlin is so full of life that you can probably find great spots around most any corner, in any neighbourhood. Remember that if you are lacking some gear, you can always find what you need at Beazy!

Enjoy your shoot!