Check out 6 points to consider before hiring a photographer and how to find the best one for your business

Every day, people are exposed to a ridiculous amount of visual information, meaning they are ruthless when judging visual content. After all, first impressions count and you have less than a second to grab their attention.

1. Know why you need a photographer

Most people will look for your business online and what they experience will dictate how they act. It is important to consider how you want people to feel when interacting with your products or services. Essentially, they are your potential clients or customers. 

Good quality images promote trust, improve the user experience and bring better results - more profit and an easily recognisable brand. While video has a very important role in marketing and advertising, an image will always be one of the most efficient, easiest, and fastest ways to deliver an idea. You have to consider how content directly affects your presence in the market, but most likely you will need to hire a photographer in order to stand out.

Collage of multiple portraits with a pastel background, by N26.
N26 mobile banking the world loves campaign

2. Personalise your content

Although there are some benefits in using stock images, using them for everything or trying to shoot your own photos might unintentionally send the wrong message. We believe you want a specialist to do the job and that is why you are here. Stock images are available for everyone to use for a specific fee or for free. Depending on the license, you might end up seeing the same image being used in totally different contexts. They are useful when used in the right way.

Having unique images, like N26, positively impacts your marketing strategy, prevents future troubles, and creates a photographic archive. This collection of images can include photos of your team, your products, your processes, your events, and so on. You need content that is accurate and personalised to your identity, not misleading and confusing. Mailchimp knows how important photography is for their brand, they have defined exactly how they want to be seen and why brand photography is an advantage.

The sand dunes at the Namibian desert, after the sunrise.
Photo by Titus Aparici on Unsplash

3. Have a growth mindset

Even if your company, agency, or organisation is considered small, the potential to increase profit by consistently providing quality content is immense. Nowadays, the majority of small businesses are present and active on social media. Having an online presence is a sure way to attract attention to what you have to offer, especially if you work on improving engagement as a way to keep your business thriving. 

If you sell services or products online, investing in brand visibility through amazing, relevant imagery is a fantastic way to show why you are valuable and that you believe in what you offer. The world will follow your story if you show them that it is worth following. 

4. Recognise a good photographer

You have decided that you need a professional photographer. Mind the word “professional”. Find someone that can provide outstanding images, good quality post-production, and the style that suits your brand. Keep in mind that the best photographers want to do a great job and deliver the best images. They are passionate, they are detail-oriented, creative and they will have a type of photography they tend to excel at. You also want to make sure you work with someone that delivers on time and with whom you can be comfortable. Ultimately you have to decide how much to invest and on what. The team or photographer will ask you specific questions to figure out a budget and be clear on what is necessary for the project or campaign to be successful.

There are many specialties in photography. Do some research and figure out if you need an events photographer, product photographer, or fashion photographer. There are many more options to choose from. Know your intentions before you start searching and you will be able to bring your vision to life.

Two photographers looking at the screen of a camera.
Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

5. Find a photographer online

You can walk around and start talking to a photographer or you can search online. All jokes aside, the world is full of great artists and photographers. We know this because we collaborate with them. If you decide to publish a job advert online you will have to filter through applications, arrange interviews, check portfolios and choose the one photographer with the portfolio that best suits your vision.

A large number of photographers promote their work online, in fact around 63% of them are freelancers. They will most likely share their photos on a portfolio or an online network for photographers. You will find many photographers when searching for photography platforms on Google or using Instagram. The latter is a really good place to look for creatives of all sort, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. In fact, according to Statista, there are more than 500 million active users on Instagram everyday. You can make your search easier by narrowing it to a certain criteria and detailed location. The location for the shoot is something that will impact the costs, so choose wisely

Do not forget to talk to other business owners or people in the industry for recommendations. They can provide valuable pointers on the content production process and suggest brand photographers. If this sounds a bit complicated it is because it is. It will take time to browse through all of them, check all the portfolios, communicate, figure out if they are good and if they match you and your brand.

6. Act on it now and get ahead

We know how hard it is to find the best professionals. That is why we have made it easy for you. Beazy provides the quality you expect for your brand photos. We deal with all aspects of content production by giving you access to our project management team or, as an alternative, we connect you with the best talents so you can take the reigns of your project. We have an entire team of specialists to create visual assets, on-brand and specific to your needs. We know the best photographers for the job and have the best locations, gear, and talents to successfully produce inspiring and impactful content.

As a company, agency, or organisation you have a vision. There is a product you want to sell and an ideal lifestyle that oozes through your brand. Know the strategy, define your visual identity and it will all guide the photographer's creative process. Have a clear goal and the photographer you hire will be able to create accordingly and help you achieve it. 

Get in touch with Beazy to produce valuable content and help build your brand story.