1. Find out what you want

If you are creative you likely have a million ideas in your notes, all waiting for you to act and get that project going. If you own a business you know you need content, there’s absolutely no way around it. You just have to figure out your brand strategy and your next move.

If you represent an organization, a brand, plan events, or want to call attention to your community what better way than to connect with your local creatives and give them a chance to help you stand out - marketing will be the key to making an impact.

2. Know your goals

Ok, you’ve captured your brainstorm-born idea and you really want it to happen. Before you start you have to define the end goal. Think of the final result, define every detail, and then you can walk backwards to find out how to achieve that. 

You can draw this (sketching ideas is useful) on paper to visualize the process and all the different solutions.

Once you know your goal you will be roughly aware of how long you have to reach the final result as well as who you need to work with.

3. Define a timeline

Establish the deadline! Let’s be honest, without the deadline you won’t feel the pressure to push you to move ahead. So go for it, define a date. Consider all the communication needed to achieve your goals, all the teamwork planning, and extra hours... Look at your notes, look at the calendar, and consider holidays and personal events. Now put that date on your calendar.

4. Create a brief

In a brief, you resume everything with a short description of your project. Who do you need help from and what do they need to offer? What you want and how you expect to achieve it. Make the brief really simple but very accurate in order to define roles and deliverables.

5. The content

This is based on what you need for your end goal and it’s the base of the brief and the original idea. It can be anything from a video to a book. Here are some examples of what you can create.

6. Be ready

The budget - yes - the budget! Creatives will make it happen but you have to be able to support the project and cover things like hours of work, materials, equipment, post-production, and so on. The budget needs to be clear from the start so you can get the right offers, the right location, equipment, and team.


It’s too much on your plate? It’s normal and recommended to ask for support and Beazy can help you. We have project managers, the team is made of creatives and we understand the struggle. If you want to stress less and just get the final result, assign someone to manage everything.

Now you are ready and you have considered all the possibilities! You can go ahead and make it happen. If you don’t have time don’t worry, give us a quick call, and we can take care of it.

Get excited! You’ve started the process and soon you’ll see the results.