It's easy to think of architectural photography merely as the photographing of buildings, but it's more than that. Architectural photography is not only about capturing the design and detailed representation of a building, but also about having the shots be aesthetically pleasing to the viewer's eye. Architectural photographers possess additional skills, from the use of dynamic angles and the formation of a creative composition to extensive research to be aware of the lighting conditions and the details of the building. It's also important to take into account that architectural photography boils down to two different types: exterior and interior.

Berlin is an architecturally volatile city, and for the past several years, architects have found heaven in this city for implementing a great variety of cutting-edge designs. The capital is home to impressive architectural gems, from Brutalist to Bauhaus, and it has led the way in a new era of Postmodern designs.

Discover Berlin's intriguing architecture through our chosen top 10 curated architectural photographers in the city. These incredible creatives each have a unique style and have been making waves in the local scene. We hope you will enjoy their work as much as we do!

1. Marcel Wiest

DZ Bank Building Berlin, interior building, glass roof
life-changing architecture #1 - DZ Bank Building, Berlin - Marcel Wiest

Marcel Wiest, better known as @marcel_travels, is a 31-year-old urban and architectural photographer from the south of Germany now based in Berlin. In 2017 he quit the military and started a life changing eight-month backpacking journey during which he fell in love with photography. After his trip, he relocated to Berlin and enrolled in a photography & social media school, before working in a professional studio for a year. He currently works as a freelancer and is busy delighting our eyeballs daily with the incredible architecture images he shares.

Friedrichstraße Ubahn Station, interior architecture, subway architecture, glass walls
Architecture #2 - Friedrichstraße, Berlin - Marcel Wiest
ICC Berlin, aesthetic stairs, train station, symmetry
Architecture #3 - ICC Berlin - Marcel Wiest
Grey stairs in Barcelona, symmetric architecture
Architecture #4 - Stairs in Barcelona, Spain - Marcel Wiest
Some fun facts about myself:
- I have always been travelling a lot, I have visited over 20 countries so far, and I usually don't stay in one place for long. But Berlin is the exception!
- My diet is 90% plant-based, I love healthy food and good coffee.
- My favourite music is LoFi, HipHop and Electronic.

2. Konrad Langer

colourful facade, singapore, balconies
Architecture #1 - Apartment Building, Singapore - Konrad Langer

Konrad Langer, better known as @konaction, is part of the OG's of the Berlin scene and we would be surprised to find any photographer in or around Berlin that has never heard of him. Konrad defines himself as a city explorer which simply happens to work with photography. He captures places with distinctive urban architecture and through his work, you can see his love for bold colours, major structures and clean minimal graphic perspectives. His work often contrasts the rigid architecture by creating interactions with moving models, often working with talented dancers.

Exterior architecture
Architecture #2 - Konrad Langer
Minimalist architecture
Architecture #3 - Konrad Langer
Dancing model, symmetric architecture
Architecture #4 - Konrad Langer
Glass building, minimalist architecture, dance model
Architecture #5 - Konrad Langer
I found most of my favourite spots in Berlin simply by roaming the city like crazy. This is especially true for my first two years of shooting, I was out scouting and shooting pretty much every day and checked out all the different areas of the city!

3. Jack Soundararajan

decorative ceiling
Architecture #1 - Jack Soundararajan

Jack is a 30-year-old photographer and videographer based in Berlin, you might know him better as @susonsjack. From his earliest days, he's always had an eye for art and design, which pushed him to finish his master's in Automobile Engineering and worked as a lead designer on devices used around the world. He found himself working as a graphic designer, where he learnt everything about photo retouching and composite images while developing his photography skills on the side. His hard work and passion paid off in the form of a Canon sponsorship and a vibrant Instagram community around his work.

James Simon Galerie, sunrise in Berlin, minimalist architecture
Architecture #2 - James Simon Galerie, Berlin - Jack Soundararaj
Interior of a library, symmetric architecture, minimalist architecture
Architecture #3 - Jack Soundararaj
Reichstag Berlin, interior architecture, modernist architecture design
Architecture #4 - Reichstag, Berlin - Jack Soundararaj
I used to love exploring new spots in the city and there was a trend to find new spots. This is how it worked- a photographer posted an amazing picture of a spot and gave a hint about the location. Other photographers spent hours or days trying to find the spot and trying to take a picture adding their taste. There was no jealousy nor hard feelings if I failed, as there will be a new challenge soon again.

4. Abdulsalam Ajaj

Naked models, indoors architecture, sunlight
Architecture #1 - Abdulsalam Ajaj

Abdulsalam Ajaj is a self-taught photographer and retoucher from Damascus, Syria, who is currently based in Berlin. He developed an interest in photography at a young age through "Light painting", which gave him a medium to express his creativity and explore his passion for light and composition. A lot of Abdulsalam's work is very experimental, and he is especially interested in fine art, fashion, architecture & portrait photography. Check out his aesthetically pleasing Instagram profile to learn more about his work!

colourful berlin apartment, balconies
Architecture #2 - Apartment Building, Berlin - Abdulsalam Ajaj
colourful Berlin apartment
Architecture #3 - Apartment Building, Berlin - Abdulsalam Ajaj
Abstract architecture, naked models
Architecture #4 - Abdulsalam Ajaj
Brandenburger Tor Berlin, german monuments
Architecture #5 - Brandenburger Tor, Berlin - Abdulsalam Ajaj
I like to experiment and I'm not afraid to follow unorthodox methods to achieve new results. For the past three years, my aesthetic has been focused on body positivity and performance art with a mix of architecture.

5. Alexander Rentsch

Ubahn, Berlin subway, green architecture, urban city
Architecture #1 - Ubahn, Berlin - Alexander Rentsch

Alexander Rentsch is a Berlin-based architectural photographer born in 1983. He started developing an interest in photography around 2003, when his focus was on sports-related photography, in particular skateboarding, before starting to explore photography in general. Today his work is focused on architecture and portraiture, which allowed him to acquire new skills and build a digital audience.

Interior apartment, lights, hall
Architecture #2 - Alexander Rentsch
White building, texture wall
Architecture #3 - Alexander Rentsch
Interior architecture, minimalism architecture
Architecture #4 - Alexander Rentsch
Through architecture photography, I learnt to work using clear lines, and wide rooms, varying from very bright to deep and dark, and I have photographed subjects that glow colourfully or ones that create a cold and sterile atmosphere.

6. Taeyoung Oh

Colourful East Berlin Apartment
Architecture #1 - East Berlin Apartment Building - Taeyoung Oh

Taeyoung Oh, who you might know by his nickname @Oilly, is a Korean photographer currently based in Berlin. His work focuses on the city, he is constantly searching for those easily missable moments in crowded places, what everyone sees but no one looks at. Through his lens, he searches for the beautiful moments which bridge the gap between the cold grey city and the love of the people living in them.

Red balconies, red architecture, Am Lokdepot
Architecture #2 - Am Lokdepot, Berlin - Taeyoung Oh
Apricot, balconies, Berlin apartment building
Architecture #3 - Apartment Building, Berlin - Taeyoung Oh
Fair Ferris Wheel, sunset in Berlin
Architecture #4 - Fair Ferry Wheel, Berlin - Taeyoung Oh
I think of myself as a city traveller. I am still looking forward to the movie-like moments in my daily life.

7. Thai Hoang

Red Town Hall, Berlin landscape
Architecture #1 - Red Town Hall from Berliner Fernsehturm, Berlin - Thai Hoang

Thai Hoang, better known as @loewe7, is a Vietnamese photographer currently based in Berlin. After spending half of his life in Hanoi, Vietnam, he settled down in Berlin as an IT specialist, freelance photographer, visual content creator & social media influencer. He started his Instagram page to capture beautiful moments and meet new people, two things he loves. From that point onwards his passion for photography only grew, to the point where today he thinks of photography as a hobby, a calling, a playground, a community, and eventually a profession. Check Thai Hoang's work here.

Brutalism architecture, blue stairs
Architecture #2 - Thai Hoang
Brutalism architecture, blue architecture, model
Architecture #3 - Brutalism Architecture, Berlin - Thai Hoang
Minimalism architecture, human sculpture
Architecture #4 - Human Sculpture - Thai Hoang
Stairs perspective, architecture
Architecture #5 - Stairs in Warsaw, Poland - Thai Hoang
We live in an environment made by humans. This "new nature" (neo-nature) is constantly being transformed by our actions. If we allow ourselves to be more inspired by nature in shaping the environment, fascinating results can be achieved.

8. Michael Schulz

Oberbaumbücke, Oberbaum bridge, Ubahn
Architecture #1 - Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin - Michael Schulz

Michael Schulz, better known as @berlinstagram, has been on Instagram since the very first launch of the app, which allowed him to become an expert on the social platform and its community. He studied Electronic Business at the University of the Arts Berlin and holds a Master of Arts. Before putting all his focus on Instagram, he worked for many years as a digital creative in online marketing, user experience and information architecture.

Minimalism architecture building, Am Kupfergraben
Architecture #2 - Am Kupfergraben, Berlin -Michael Schulz
Apartment building in Berlin, colourful balconies
Architecture #3 - Danziger Straße, Berlin - Michael Schulz
Hackesche Markt, building roof
Architecture #4 - Hackesche Höfe, Berlin - Michael Schulz
Pink architecture
Architecture #5 - Michael Schulz
Before becoming a full-time photographer, I was working trying to achieve the best experience for users while maintaining the needs of the brand's stakeholders. I like to compare this to what I am doing now - acting as an intermediary between the community and the brands.

9. Joerg Nicht

Bode Museum, snow in Berlin, frozen lake
Architecture #1 - Bode Museum, Berlin - Joerg Nicht

Joerg Nicht is a Berlin-based photographer which goes by the alias @jn. He focuses on architecture, travel and street photography. Joerg is one of Germany’s best-known and most followed photographers on Instagram. He has a doctorate with a focus on social networks and worked at Free University Berlin as an academic and published author. He has always been interested in both photography and social sciences.

White building, orange stairs
Architecture #2 - Joerg Nicht
Building facade, Görlitz
Architecture #3 - Görlitz, Germany - Joerg Nicht
Hotel building, snow landscape, mountains
Architecture #4 - Joerg Nicht
Lower Manhattan, skyscraper
Architecture #5 - Lower Manhattan, New York - Joerg Nicht
My work reflects my ongoing fascination with the ever-changing interaction between art and social relationships.

10. Yifan Chen

Pink facade, exterior architecture
Architecture #1 - Yifan Chen

Last but not least, Yifan Chen is a Chinese photographer currently based in Berlin. A lot of his work showcases beautifully contrasting colours on minimal yet filled architectural images.

White apartments, symmetry
Architecture #2 - Yifan Chen
Red apartment building
Architecture #3 - Yifan Chen
Exterior architecture, balconies
Architecture #4 - Yifan Chen
I capture architecture, minimalism and brutalism shots with my Nikon D3100 without the lens. My focus is on architecture & buildings at the moment.

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