Discover our curated list of the top 10 architectural photographers in Paris — from interior and exterior architecture to Romanesque and Gothic styles. Enjoy the French capital with the best photographers!

Architectural photography is not simply about pointing a camera at a building and snapping a picture, there is an art behind this type of photography. It is about capturing the design and detailed representation of a building, but also about the shots to being aesthetically pleasing to the observer’s eye. Architectural photographers possess a wide skillset, from the use of dynamic angles and the formation of a creative composition to extensive research to understand the lighting conditions and details of the building. It is also important to take into account that architectural photography boils down to two different types: exterior and interior.

Discover Paris' marvellous architecture through our curated list of top 10 architectural photographers in the city. These incredible creatives each have a unique style and have been making waves in the local scene. We hope you will enjoy their work as much as we do!

1. Pierre Chatel

Interior of a bright room with three large windows.

Pierre Chatel, better known as @chatelp, abandoned integrated circuit design engineering for his devoted passion: architectural photography. Born in 1982 in the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Islands, Pierre was impacted as a child by the striking contrast between the small coloured wooden houses in the archipelago where he resided, with merely 6,000 inhabitants, and the ultramodern tower buildings of larger North American cities that he visited. Currently based in Paris, he combines his profession as an architectural photographer with his artistic work of plastic photography. His style is characterised by a minimalist aesthetic which he utilises to portray the natural beauty of buildings, their geometry, their volumes, their colours and much more.

Additionally, Pierre produces architectural and interior design photography reports. He has photographed all types of buildings in the public space: offices, residential buildings, major equipment and structures, hotels, restaurants, luxury boutiques, and much more.

Facade of a wooden building.
Facade of a white Romanesque building, with sculptural columns.
Interior garden in a building with metal balconies.

In 2018, Pierre won the architectural photography competition organised by the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. He also won the "Unsplash Photographer of the Year Award" in both 2017 and 2018. Then in 2019, he was able to open his first solo exhibition at the Europia Gallery in Paris. His prominent work has been published in L'Architecture d'Aujour d'hui, Archinect Magazine, Fisheye Magazine, Phototrend and Prodibi, among other publications.

Interior of a bright room with plenty of lockers.

2. Anthony & Florent Galasso

Interior of an abandoned spa.

Anthony and Florent Galasso, known as @symphonyofdecay on Instagram, are two brothers from Burgundy, France. Their interest in architectural photography was awakened by the charm of abandoned buildings, together with their constant passion for travelling and atypical places. These two brothers are as determined as the knights of the Arthurian legend in search of the Grail. They consider forgotten heritage buildings as the object of their quest, hence "Symphony of Decay".

Interior of an abandoned control room.
An abandoned indoor swimming pool, in which plants and trees have grown over time.
Interior of an abandoned Romanesque church.

The focus of their photography is to show off a bygone era, a once sparkling heritage. Through these images, the two brothers endeavour to tell their audience the story behind ruins, to discover a parallel universe, and an opportunity to step back in time.

The striking photographs are specially characterised by the caring use of lighting, which offers a unique palette of perception. These two artists take advantage of the history of these places to become true witnesses of involuntary time capsules.

Interior of an old abandoned building with a fountain in the centre.

3. Chloé Le Reste

Turquoise and white tiled facade.

Chloé Le Reste, @chloelereste on social media, is a French photographer based in Paris. She studied in the architecture school ENSA Paris-Val de Seine and currently works in this field as well. Chloé has been interested in photography since her youth. Her work focus has shifted from nature and landscape shots to architectural photographs. She dearly remembers a trip to Copenhagen, where she discovered her passion for shooting buildings and other structures.

A set of geometric buildings.
Modernist lean-to buildings.
Rooftop of a curved building.

She believes lighting contributes to framing a space while creating a symbiosis between its environment, its function and its structural aesthetic.

Curved building with an artificial pond.

4. Gabriel Carrère

An apartment complex photographed with an analogue camera.

Gabriel Carrère, @gabrielcarrere, is a 21-year-old French photographer currently living between Paris and Montreal. His photographic interests include documenting everyday life, portraits, lifestyle photography and urban landscapes.

You will notice that he produces most of his work through analogue photography, both on 35mm and medium-format film.

Symmetrical white curved building.
Aesthetically constructed brown stairs.
Photograph taken with an analogue camera of a village at night.

5. Olivier Leclercq

Ceiling of a Romanesque church.

Olivier Leclercq started his architectural studies in 1991, and since then he has been using photography as his daily journal. The digital era presented an unexpected opportunity for him. Instagram and all the available digital tools allowed him to share his unique architectural vision to a wider and more varied audience —which has grown to more than 20,000 followers on his popular profile.

He is particularly intrigued by the boldness of certain architecture, whether they are modern or old. He now shoots "Architecture Porn" — in Instagram terms. These powerful images revolve around hyper-complex patterns and cumulative forms, easily identified by their deep effects and geometric repetitions.

Curved and irregular modernist building.
Interior of an all-white modernist building.
White tiled stairs inside a building.

His work is focused on the social aspect of architecture together with a focus on generous shapes and colours. As an anthropology enthusiast, he has found himself shooting more and more with people lately, as well as focusing on portraits. Nevertheless, architectural details remain in the background of every single picture.

Symmetrical, curved facade of a modernist building.

6. Marien Hvala

Cylinders in a factory.

Marien Hvala is a French photographer based in Paris. He mostly shoots events and architecture, which he shares on Instagram via his two profiles: @marienhvala.mnml & @marienhvala. His architectural photography is distinguished by its very minimalistic, extremely "clean" and aesthetically pleasing design.

Half-open garage door.
A petrol station in the middle of an empty road.
Architectural details of a geometrically perfect building.

7. François Guillemin

Frette shop in a Parisian street.

François Guillemin is an architectural and interior design photographer based in Paris. He studied architectural photography and the history of art and furniture at Ecole Boulle.

He pays special attention to the composition and the lighting, intending to avoid distortion pitfalls due to the use of ultra-wide-angle lenses. Composition is particularly important as finding the right angle, frame and light may either emphasise or contrast lines, textures and colours. That is why it needs to be adjusted to every single work being photographed.

Facade of a building with Romanesque-style balconies.
Decorative details on a Gothic facade in Paris.
Gothic-style building block in Paris.

8. Fabrice Dunou

Modernist architectural structure reflected in an artificial lake.

Fabrice Dunou, @fabricedunou on Instagram, is a professional photographer specialising in architectural photography.

He works in all areas related to architectural photography: interior and exterior architecture, decoration, industrial and administrative buildings, luxury homes, hotels, real estate and much more.

Geometrically shaped building with a log roof.
Interior of a grey minimalist building.
Interior of a grey minimalist building.

9. Romain Servens

Sea view through a window.

Romain Servens, also known as @rminitel, is a photographer and filmmaker based in Paris. His work focuses mostly on architecture, portraits, travel and landscape shots.

Romain is also behind the Instagram account @dailywindowsview, which is worth checking out!

A rural house with swimming pool, during the sunset.
Stone sculpture in a museum in Paris.
Typical white buildings on the island of Mykonos.

10. Lucy Cullingworth

Geometric building in Vietnam.

Lucy Cullingworth's photography revolves around the youngest generation — how they are constantly adapting their vision of the future whilst balancing the memory of the past. She also posts on Instagram via her @lucycully account.

After getting a photography diploma at Brighton University in 2017, Lucy spent three years travelling between France and Vietnam. She has been working on a variety of documentary series exploring topics related to communities' identities which are foreshadowed by their country’s history.

Sloped building with windows.
A buoy in Vietnam harbour.
The interior of a Vietnamese restaurant.

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