Dance photography brings together two art forms, by combining the beauty of the human body and the energy movement with the passion and talented skills of the photographer. Photographers who specialised in dance photography are the finest at capturing motion blur, freezing the movement, capturing emotion and finding the right angle.

This article aims to inspire you with some of our favourite dance photographers in Berlin, Germany.

1. Carolin Thiergart

Human sculpture simulating ballet poses in Regierungsviertel, Berlin.

Carolin Thiergart is a 22-year-old photographer based in Berlin. She discovered her interest in photography back in 2013, and it was not until 2019 that she started to combine her two passions: dance and photography. Her work is focused on combining the art of dance with the local surroundings. Get inspired by her Instagram profile with her ballet, fashion and circus arts photography!

Seeing the beauty in everything, getting creative together with other artists and capturing all those different personalities, styles, talents and stories are some of my favourite parts of my photography projects.

Contorsionist Nina Rausch in Wow Berlin Gallery.
Ballet dancer Rashmi Torres wearing a luxury frills dress.


2. Denis Kuhnert

Two street dancers jumping in a dance battle surrounded by a crowd.

Denis Kuhnert, better known as @koone on Instagram, bought his first camera in 2013, but his roots are in the dance world. Denis grew up in the hip-hop scene, and later on, he started to explore the world of contemporary theatre, which led him to create and perform in various dance theatre productions. He developed his photography style by making himself and others fly around the city. His work emphasises movement, especially in dance photography.

But no matter what style I'm shooting, it always comes down to finding the story in a movement. It's not important to me to impress the audience with physicality but to express myself with creativity.
A girl dancing on the ground in the middle of a dark empty street.
A girl levitating horizontally, clinging to a column in a metro station.

3. Thai Hoang

A ballet dancer doing a contortion pose.

Thai Hoang is a Vietnamese photographer currently based in Berlin. His easy-going personality together with his passion for capturing daily life moments is the two elements that helped him to create his online community on Instagram, where he is better known as @loewe7. His photography mainly captures people and urban architecture.

My ideal photograph is mostly a balanced combination of the convergence of light, moment and composition.
Two girls dancing and doing acrobatics inside the Sbahn.
A couple dancing in a train station.


4. David Beecroft

Two artists dressed in black and white performing on a dark stage.

David Beecroft is a highly motivated and creative person who provides the audience with an abundance of inspirational options. For David, a photo is more than a frozen moment in time, it is a chance to embody the magic and excitement of the moment, performance or event. His warm-hearted and emotive work is focused on music events and performances, as he is also a musician.

Photographs can bring emotional continuity, and connect one to the spirit of important events and happenings.
A theatrical performance: three naked men on the floor and a man dressed as a scientist behind them.
A singer with open arms on a smoky stage.


5. Stefaniya Sherstobitowa

A dancer in motion in an empty car park.

Stefaniya Sherstobitowa started to work as a freelance photographer seven years ago. It began as a hobby, but soon enough it enhanced her passion and work. Stefaniya is especially interested in motion photography, portraiture and architectural photography. Additionally, she is passionate about the technical aspect of her work.

Working with people, creating a connection during photo shootings and letting them see themselves from an unexpected side is something that motivates me to take photos.
An urban dancer doing a parkour jump.
A model dancing in a flowing long skirt in motion.


6. Elitza Nanova

A double exposure image showing a group of dancers on a stage.

Elitza Nanova is a Bulgarian photographer located in Berlin. Elitza studied art history and cultural studies, and later on, she completed a multimedia production course. Then she began working as a freelance photographer and a graphic designer. Dance photography and portraiture are her expertise. You can find more about her work here and on her Instagram profile.

Photography has been part of my life for more than 30 years.
A ballet dancer doing a dance leap.
A motion capture of a dancer.


7. Thilo Hertwig

A couple of ballet dancers performing outdoors in Berlin.

Thilo Hertwig got his first camera on his 25th birthday: a Canon EOS 500N. Photography was for him mainly a hobby until 2016, when he decided to start a diploma course in photography at the Vienna School of Photography, in tandem with his online marketing career. He loves to adventure out and explore his surroundings, making urban and architectural photography his passion and therefore the focus of his work.

A camera is always with me when I leave the house. Because the most fleeting moment is worth nothing if I can’t capture it.
In black and white, two girls in a ballet pose in front of the James-Simon-Galerie in Berlin.
In black and white, a ballet dancer captured in the air.


8. Dean Barucija

Ballet dancer posing in a black and yellow ballet bodysuit.

Dean Barucija is a passionate photographer specialising in ballet, modern dance, fashion and beauty. His work is clean and creative, representing the best moments of a dancer and the beauty of this art.

Sometimes in the dance and photography world, a simple pose is the most beautiful.
Ballet dancer doing a ballet pose, seated on a stool.
A male ballet dancer jumping backwards.

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