When planning your brand’s marketing strategy, social media is now an integral part of it.

Marketers planning the social media marketing strategy.

While video marketing is not a new concept, technology and social media are always evolving. With the rise in popularity of social platforms, any business or brand is now aiming to invest more effort in a social video marketing strategy.

When planning your brand’s marketing strategy, social media is now an integral part of it. We have already discussed the benefits video marketing can bring to your business and why you should be doing it, thus in this article we are going to focus on explaining how to use video content in your brand’s social media marketing strategy.

Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn… – each platform has different in-house requirements that only a frequent user would understand. People use social media consistently throughout the day, so it is no surprise why business marketers are narrowing their marketing efforts on their social channels. So, no matter what your business is, we strongly recommend to you create a video marketing strategy for social media!

What is so great about video?

If you have been paying attention to the social landscape, you have probably noticed that every online platform is leaning towards video. We have been more than a year trapped indoors behind various screens, be it a phone, laptops or tablets. This exceptional situation has transformed various aspects of our society: the way we interact with each other, the regular work day and the way we shop. Business marketers realised early in the game that authentic social media content, providing an up-close and personal feeling, was the way to reach for the stars and tug at your customers' heartstrings. Hence a brief but powerful message in video format is much more effective than a text-heavy blog or ridiculous over-the-top sales ad.

If you are getting started, you need to know many elements go into social media videos. You are trying to convey a lot of information in just a few seconds. Here are some proven tips and practices that can help you come up with a successful strategy for your brand:

Length matters!

Keep the video short, the risk of creating long videos is that the viewers may not watch it until the end. This is why editing is essential, and sometimes hiring an experienced editor can deliver great results for your business.

Embed logo

Set it at a strategic corner of your post and do not forget to link them to your business website.

Add a CTA (Call To Action)

Attach it at the end of your video! After all, this will lead to conversions and prospects for your business.

Light bulb representing an idea.

Are you making the most of your video assets across your social media? If you have not onboarded this trend onto your company’s social media channels yet, you need to know that according to Cisco’s latest Annual Internet Report, online videos will account for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022.

Video marketing in social media offers several benefits for any business brand, here are 6 reasons why you should be using video in your brand’s social media plan:

1. Attention-grabbing

The power of a good video relies on consumer engagement, and the viewer’s ability to retain information. Video is the most effective tool to hook your audience, in addition, to being extremely easy to consume. Video content also allows you to be concise and capture the viewers’ interest in the first few seconds.

2. Search optimisation

Your content needs to be relevant! Social media platforms are quickly becoming like search engines themselves, so you need to be sure to create compelling headlines and descriptions, as well as complement these with relevant hashtags, to feature highly.

3. Increase conversions

Business companies that are already investing in video marketing are more likely to see boosts in their site traffic. You should always have a goal in mind for your video, no matter which social channel you are posting on. Your CTA (Call To Action) should be the virtual handshake with your clients. Having compelling content is good, but it is vital to drive conversions.

4. Lead generation

When video content is well planned, has good production values and targets the right audience, it is more likely to generate prospects that are invested in your message – and therefore your product. Wizowl stated in their Video Marketing Statistics 2021 report that 84% of marketers say that video has helped them to generate leads. This is a big deal – every additional lead means a new potential source of revenue for your business.

5. Versatility and cost-effective

Video content creation can be done under a low budget and without the need for many tools. Not only that, but it is simple to post across various platforms as well as re-sharing your content over time and across different platforms.

6. Brand awareness

Consumers who have never heard of your brand before are unlikely to spend much time reading your brand’s content or engaging with your text- or image-based content. But they would be more likely to watch a few seconds of a video. Why? It is eye-catching, it is more enjoyable and it aligns with the way we consume online content nowadays.

Do not be afraid of sharing any type of content on your social videos! Ideas can include tutorials and behind-the-scenes videos as well as short interview bites and hashtag challenges. Try to refine your strategy and make your videos stand out from the crowd!

Differences among the social media apps

Most of the social media platforms are prioritising the video content in their algorithms, which benefits your brand right now! If your brand’s social media plan involves sharing content on several different platforms, you will need to learn the sizes, dimensions and ratios of all your social media videos as well. We’ve got you covered though! Let’s take a look at the top social media apps at the moment – Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn – and how video content differs in each one of them.

Instagram reels for business

Instagram logo on dark background.

Instagram is increasingly reliant on video. Although the network offers several video options to use – feed, stories, IGTV, live – we are focusing on their latest incorporation: the Instagram Reels - coincidently pretty similar to TikTok’s core content. Instagram Reels allow users to create and edit short videos that can be synchronised to music or audio clips. These short videos are focused on the ease of creation as well as the share-ability.

Video guidelines:

- Recommended resolution: 1080x1080

- Aspect ratio:  9:16

- Length: 15 or 30 seconds

Why should your brand use Instagram Reels?

It provides a simple way for you to show off your brand’s personality in the form of fun and short content. Get on with the newest trends and challenges! Check daily the Discover Tab and re-create your version of the latest viral trends. You can also give your audience a sneak peek of your last project – your clients love to watch what is happening behind the scenes!

Moreover, you could feature your brand’s products and services, as well as display more inspirational or motivational content to educate your audience. While the goal of the Instagram Reels is to share fun content, you can always use this short-form video to share some interesting information: questions & answers about your company, tutorials and tips!

TikTok for business

TikTok logo on dark background.

TikTok is the most rapidly-rising social media network and the go-to platform for generation Z, and it has quickly gained the attention of social marketers. No brand can ignore it with its rapidly accelerating growth. If you manage to create an effective TikTok marketing strategy, your company will have access to a unique and highly engaged audience.

Video guidelines:

- Recommended resolution: 1080x1920

- Aspect ratio:  9:16

- Length: 15 or 30 seconds, although the platform has recently added a 3-minute option for some users to test out

Want to know how to get started on TikTok?

First of all, you need to define your company’s ‘why’. You will need to really think about and clearly define your brand voice on the platform. Participating in challenges and looking out for the latest trends and viral songs is vital to surviving on TikTok. Have a look at Ryanair’s TikTok successful account on the platform – the admin is devoted to the interaction with the users ‘comments whether positive or negative, not to mention their humorous and cheeky replies!

Video marketing on Facebook

Facebook logo on dark background.

Although Facebook is nowadays considered one of the less trendy social networks, it is still consumed at increasingly higher rates each year. This platform shares the numerous availability of video options as Instagram, but we will focus today on the most common kind on the platform, which comes from shared posts. This video type stays in your feed and can be shared by other brands or your customers’ accounts.

Video guidelines:

- Recommended dimensions: 1280x720 - landscape and portrait

- Aspect ratio: 16:9 – landscape and 9:16 - portrait

- Recommended length: 2 minutes

Tips for your Facebook business account

Facebook has been pushing video content for a few years now, and this explains why video gets better organic reach. You need to be conscious of the few peculiarities Facebook video content presents – the vast majority of the video is consumed without sound! You should always keep this in mind when producing short videos and do not forget to add subtitles when necessary! Additionally, you need to get creative and make sure it catches your viewer’s attention in the first four seconds of your video.

Video marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn logo on dark background.

Despite being one of the oldest mainstream social media platforms, LinkedIn has been a bit late to the game with video content. Even though is still in the early stages of its adoption, the business platform is still a go-to source for sharing and it is already planning on putting video content at its forefront. Don’t worry, they’re catching up!

Video guidelines:

- Aspect ratio: 1:2:4 to 2:4:1

- Length: 3 seconds – 10 minutes

What to share on your business LinkedIn account?

The most successful content includes professional insights, case studies and showing off your brand’s expertise. The difference between using text posts is that videos will make your message much more engaging and human. LinkedIn is a great place to use video testimonials too!

Differ from your competitors!

Go one step ahead of your competitors and start using video in your social media marketing strategy now! The way the social landscape is transforming, those who do not begin to experiment with video content will be left behind. This type of content is perfect to create a quick, direct and emotional connection with your clients. If you need some inspiration check out our social channels – Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube!

Do you need the help of a professional to create the video content of your brand's marketing campaign? Talk to us!