Professional photography studio setup with a large softbox lighting equipment on the left, a white infinity cove background for seamless backdrops, and a metal step ladder in the foreground. The studio is equipped with wooden flooring and a variety of lighting tools, suggesting a versatile space suitable for photo shoots and film productions.

Welcome to Your Next Creative Haven in the Heart of Prenzlauer Berg

Discover the perfect blend of charm, functionality, and professional amenities in our spacious 30 square meter photo studio, nestled within the vibrant Kollwitzkiez neighborhood on Kollwitzstraße. This bright and versatile room is now available to rent for your next photo shoot or creative project, offering an environment that's as inspiring as it is practical.

Studio Features That Set the Stage for Excellence

Our studio is designed with your creative vision in mind. The expansive white cyc wall provides a seamless, curved backdrop that eliminates distractions and focuses attention on your subject. This feature is indispensable for achieving professional-grade portraits, product shots, and a variety of other photographic styles.

White Cyc Wall/Background

The lighting equipment at your disposal is nothing short of professional. Two large softboxes with strobe lights (Walimex Pro VE-400 Excellence) ensure your subjects are bathed in soft, even light. A collapsible triangular reflector helps to fill in shadows and highlight details, while the multi-point LED light fixture (FunMass) adds dynamic effects or supplementary illumination to your scenes.

Lighting Equipment

Our stands and supports, including an adjustable tripod (Andoer), a boom arm stand, and a backdrop support system, provide the stability and flexibility needed for a wide range of shooting angles and styles. With these tools at your fingertips, your creative possibilities are endless.

Stands and Supports

The studio's design is intentionally neutral, featuring a color palette that won't compete with your subject matter. The additional room with tiled walls and a shower offers a convenient space for model preparation or unique water-involved shoots.

Space and Design

While the studio maintains a high standard of cleanliness, we encourage all users to leave the space as they found it, ensuring a professional environment for everyone.

Condition and Cleanliness

A Neighborhood Brimming with Culture and Convenience

Located in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, our studio is part of a neighborhood renowned for its artistic flair and historical significance. Kollwitzkiez is a hub for creatives and offers a plethora of cafes, galleries, and boutiques to explore and draw inspiration from. The area's rich history and vibrant contemporary culture provide a stimulating backdrop for any project.

Local Weather and Best Times for Your Shoot

Berlin's climate is generally temperate, with distinct seasons that each bring their own unique lighting conditions. Our studio's controlled environment allows for consistent results year-round, but if you're planning to incorporate the neighborhood's outdoor charm, spring and summer offer longer daylight hours and lush scenery, while autumn brings a dramatic palette of colors.

Ready to Capture Your Vision?

Our studio is available starting at just 19€ per hour, with additional equipment rental options to enhance your shoot. Don't miss the opportunity to create in a space that caters to both your artistic and practical needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What equipment is included in the rental?
    The studio rental includes 1 steamer, 2 Tripods with installed flash lights, 1 reflector, 1 camera tripod, 2 tripods for the background, a white paper background/rollout, a grey patterned heavyweight background option (~5x2m), and 2 spotlights with different colors.
  • Can I rent additional equipment?
    Yes, additional equipment is available for rent at 15€ under the beazy_shooting equipment package.
  • What are the studio's operating hours?
    Please refer to our listing for the most up-to-date availability and to schedule your booking.
  • Is there a cleaning fee?
    We kindly ask that you leave the studio as you found it. A cleaning fee of 25€ will be charged if the studio requires additional cleaning after your use.
  • What if I damage the equipment?
    In the event of damage to any borrowed parts, we reserve the right to charge for the corresponding costs.

How Does Our Studio Compare?

When stacked against similar options, our studio shines with its combination of professional-grade equipment, affordability, and prime location. The unique features of our space, such as the white cyc wall and comprehensive lighting setup, are typically found in higher-priced studios, making our offering an exceptional value for both amateur and professional creatives alike.

With a focus on providing a seamless experience from booking to shoot, we're confident that our studio will exceed your expectations and become a favored location for all your photographic endeavors.

Studio Comparison

Embrace the potential of Prenzlauer Berg's creative energy and make our studio the canvas for your next masterpiece. We look forward to hosting your project and witnessing the incredible work you'll produce in this space designed for artists, by artists.

Reserve Your Spot Today and let the creativity flow!


Bright Photo Studio Rental in Kollwitzkiez, Berlin

Bright, versatile photo studio in Kollwitzkiez, Berlin. Features include adjustable lighting, white and patterned backdrops, and essential amenities. Optional equipment rental available. Cleanliness and damage fees apply. Ideal for photo shoots and creative projects.
Berlin, Germany
19€ per hour