Spacious and bright loft-style room with high ceilings, polished concrete floors, and white walls, featuring multiple support columns, two pendant lights, and large windows allowing for natural light. The minimalistic decor includes a decorative wall hanging, potted plants, and small accent pieces, offering a versatile space for photo shoots or film productions.

Welcome to The Shala Schöneberg: A Haven for Creativity and Mindfulness

Discover the serene elegance of The Shala Schöneberg, a sanctuary nestled in the vibrant heart of Schöneberg, designed to foster inspiration, growth, and creativity. This exquisite space, home to the Yoga on the Move collective, extends an invitation to those seeking an exceptional venue for their creative and mindful projects.

Whether you're planning a photo shoot, video production, event, exhibition, workshop, or course offering, our light-filled, spacious studio is tailored to meet your needs. With a flexible booking schedule, The Shala Schöneberg can be reserved hourly, daily, or even weekly, ensuring that your project unfolds seamlessly within our walls.

For a custom quote tailored to your unique vision, do not hesitate to contact us. We are eager to collaborate and bring your project to life in our beautiful, unique space.

Location Features

Expansive Open Loft Space

Spanning an impressive 145 sqm, our open loft space is the heart of The Shala Schöneberg. The polished concrete flooring and pristine white walls create a modern, industrial, yet inviting atmosphere. This versatile backdrop allows for complete creative freedom, enabling you to introduce specific styling or props to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Abundant Natural and Artificial Light

Immerse yourself in the soft embrace of natural light streaming through our expansive east and west-facing windows. The interplay of sunlight and shadow brings out the rich textures and tones within the space, while the soft artificial lighting from overhead fixtures and string lights adds warmth and depth. Whether you prefer the golden hour glow or the consistency of controlled lighting setups, our studio is equipped to accommodate your vision.

Structural Elegance and Design Elements

Our space is thoughtfully punctuated with structural pillars, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical framing opportunities for your compositions. The industrial-style pendant lamps suspended from the ceiling can serve as intriguing focal points or complement thematic concepts within your shoot.

Minimalist Decor and Versatile Zones

The Shala Schöneberg's minimalist decor, featuring elements like dried pampas grass, wall hangings, and potted plants, provides a contemporary canvas that complements lifestyle, fashion, and product photography. Within the studio, you'll find various zones designed to inspire:

  • A cozy lounging area with a daybed and drapery, perfect for relaxed or introspective shoots.
  • An aerial yoga setup with a swing and gymnastic rings, ideal for capturing dynamic movement.
  • A front desk area with a wooden counter and woven pendant lighting, suitable for commercial scenes.
  • A blank wall section that offers a clean background for portraits or product showcases.

Practical Amenities

With two bathrooms (including a shower), a tea kitchen, changing room, and an elevator accommodating up to four people, The Shala Schöneberg ensures your team's comfort and convenience. Our central location in Schöneberg is surrounded by charming local shops and cafés, adding to the experience of your visit.

The Neighborhood: Schöneberg's Charm

Schöneberg is not just a district; it's a historical tapestry woven with the threads of Berlin's rich past and vibrant present. Known for its diverse culture, Schöneberg has been a hub for artists, intellectuals, and the LGBTQ+ community. As you step outside The Shala Schöneberg, you'll find yourself amidst a bustling neighborhood brimming with quaint boutiques, cozy cafés, and the welcoming spirit of Berlin.

Local Weather and Best Times to Visit

Berlin's continental climate offers a full range of seasons, each with its own charm. The Shala Schöneberg's large windows ensure a bright and airy space year-round, making it an ideal location regardless of the season. However, for projects that rely heavily on natural light, the long days of spring and summer provide extended hours of daylight, while autumn's golden hues and winter's soft light offer unique atmospheric conditions.

Book Your Creative Journey

Embark on a creative journey within the walls of The Shala Schöneberg. Our space awaits your artistic endeavors, ready to transform your vision into reality. Book now or contact us for more information and let us be a part of your next successful project.

FAQ Section

What types of projects is The Shala Schöneberg suitable for?

Our studio is ideal for a wide range of projects, including photo shoots, video productions, events, exhibitions, workshops, and course offerings.

Can the decor within the space be altered for my project?

Yes, the minimalist decor can be integrated into your project or removed to suit your stylistic needs.

Is there parking available nearby?

While The Shala Schöneberg does not have a dedicated parking lot, there are several parking options in the vicinity. We recommend inquiring about specific parking arrangements when you contact us.

Are there any restrictions on the type of equipment I can bring?

We welcome a variety of equipment to support your creative projects. However, we ask that you provide details of your equipment in advance to ensure compatibility with our space and facilities.

How do I book The Shala Schöneberg for my project?

Booking is simple. Visit our listing and choose the option that best fits your project's needs. You can also reach out to us directly for a custom quote.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to other photo and video shoot locations in Berlin, The Shala Schöneberg stands out for its spacious and adaptable interior, abundant natural light, and unique design elements. Our central location in the culturally rich district of Schöneberg adds an extra layer of appeal, providing a memorable experience beyond the studio walls.

With a total space of 230 sqm, including a 145 sqm open loft and a serene backyard on the 4th floor, our studio offers a rare blend of indoor and outdoor options. The inclusion of practical amenities such as two bathrooms, a tea kitchen, and a changing room, along with the accessibility of an elevator, ensures that The Shala Schöneberg is not only aesthetically superior but also functionally equipped to handle a diverse array of creative endeavors.

Join the ranks of satisfied creators who have chosen The Shala Schöneberg as their preferred location. Experience the difference that space, light, and design can make in bringing your project to life.


Explore the beauty and versatility of The Shala Schöneberg through our curated selection of images, showcasing the various facets of our studio space.

The Shala Schöneberg Open Loft Space

Natural Light in The Shala Schöneberg

Structural Pillars and Pendant Lamps

Minimalist Decor and Aerial Yoga Setup

Lounging Area with Daybed

Front Desk Area with Wooden Counter

Blank Wall Section for Portraits

Spacious and Adaptable Interior

The Shala Schöneberg Exterior View


Schöneberg Loft Studio for Photo & Video Shoots | 230 sqm Space

Versatile 230 sqm loft in Schöneberg ideal for creative projects. Features 145 sqm open space, east/west windows, modern decor, and distinct zones for dynamic shoots. Includes kitchen, bathrooms, elevator, and is surrounded by local amenities. Perfect for photo/video shoots, events, and workshops.
Berlin, Germany
83.34€ per hour