Modern minimalist interior with exposed ceiling infrastructure perfect for contemporary film and photo shoots. The space features a light wooden floor, a central black coffee table, two pale blue armchairs, and a matching three-seater sofa with a red teddy bear. Large windows with dark curtains provide natural light, complemented by track lighting above. A green potted plant adds a touch of nature, and a muted green cabinet with a small decorative plant and books sits against the wall. Ideal for scenes requiring a stylish, urban apartment or office setting.

Discover BELIEVE: A Versatile Photo and Video Studio

Introducing BELIEVE, a studio that embodies the essence of creativity and flexibility. This 51m2 space is a blank canvas ready to bring your projects to life with grandeur and precision. Whether you're looking to produce a podcast, conduct interviews, or capture stunning visuals, BELIEVE is the dream studio for creators seeking a customizable work environment.

For more information or to inquire about half-day rentals and equipment hire (audio, lighting, cameras, service provisions, etc.), please do not hesitate to contact us. Our rates start at an accessible 87.5€ per hour for a dry hire, ensuring you get only what you need for your production.

Main Seating Area

The heart of BELIEVE is its main seating area, a space designed for comfort and style. The furnishings include a central coffee table surrounded by two sofas and two armchairs, all adorned in a calming pale blue fabric. This setup is not only inviting but also serves as an excellent backdrop for on-camera conversations and interviews.

The decor is carefully curated, featuring a plush white area rug, verdant potted plants, and vibrant wall art that adds a touch of sophistication. The tall windows draped with elegant curtains bathe the room in natural light, while the industrial-style track lighting overhead ensures that every shot is perfectly illuminated.

A/V Setup

For audio and visual aficionados, BELIEVE offers a pre-rigged setup with professional-grade microphones on stands, high-definition monitors, and cameras on tripods. This turnkey solution is ideal for podcasting, intimate interviews, or live broadcasts, providing you with a multitude of shooting angles and focal points.

Alternative Lounge

Step into the alternative lounge and immerse yourself in a space that exudes creativity. The white sectional, reminiscent of marshmallows, is not only a unique visual element but also a conversation starter. Complemented by sleek navy blue armchairs and a solid wood coffee table, this area offers a distinct filming zone that's perfect for casual or lifestyle-themed content.

The neon lighting and eclectic wall decorations infuse the space with personality, ensuring that your content stands out with its own unique flair.

Dining and Activity

The spacious dining area features a solid wood table with matching chairs, ideal for scenes that require a communal setting or as a workspace for crafts and planning. The adjacent pool table adds an element of dynamism to your shots, while the flat-screen TV and shelves adorned with plants and homeware items provide a plethora of staging options.

Neighborhood, Area, and City

BELIEVE is nestled in a vibrant neighborhood brimming with cultural and historical significance. The area is a melting pot of creativity, with local galleries, artisan cafes, and historic landmarks that inspire and energize. The city itself is a hub of innovation and artistry, making it the perfect backdrop for content creators and visual storytellers.

Local Weather and Conditions

The local weather patterns offer a variety of conditions to suit your production needs. The best visiting times are typically during the spring and fall when the light is golden and the temperatures are mild. However, BELIEVE's indoor environment ensures that your projects can proceed without interruption, regardless of the season.


Ready to transform your creative vision into reality? Book BELIEVE now and take the first step towards producing content that resonates and captivates.

FAQ Section

  1. What type of equipment is available for rent?
    We offer a range of equipment including audio gear, lighting setups, cameras, and more. Please contact us for a detailed list.
  2. Can the furniture be rearranged?
    Yes, the space is fully customizable to suit your project's needs.
  3. Is there a limit to the number of people allowed in the studio?
    For the comfort and safety of all, we recommend a maximum of 15 people. However, we can discuss accommodations for larger crews.


When compared to similar photo and video studios, BELIEVE stands out for its versatility, modern amenities, and competitive pricing. The space is designed to cater to a wide range of production styles, from intimate interviews to dynamic lifestyle shoots. With its central location and customizable environment, BELIEVE offers an unmatched value for creators looking for a professional and inspiring space.


Main Seating Area

A/V Setup

Alternative Lounge

Dining and Activity Area

Cozy Seating

Stylish Decor

Pool Table

Communal Table

Modern Ambience


BELIEVE Studio: Book Your Ideal Photo & Video Space Now

Believe Studio: A 51m2 versatile space perfect for podcasts/interviews with customizable settings. Features cozy blue seating, professional A/V gear, alternative lounges, and a dining area. Ideal for diverse photo/video shoots with stylish decor and dynamic lighting. Contact for rates and equipment rental.
Paris, France
87.5€ per hour