Spacious living room with high ceilings, hardwood floors, and abundant natural light, featuring a large flat-screen TV on a wooden console, comfortable seating, and decorative plants, leading into an adjoining dining area with a classic table set, ideal for domestic scenes in photo and film productions.

Welcome to Your Next Dream Photoshoot Location: A Loft Apartment with a 100m Terrace Overlooking the Park

Discover the perfect blend of contemporary design, spacious interiors, and breathtaking outdoor space in this unique loft apartment, ideal for your next photo or video shoot. With its prime location and stunning park views, this venue offers a plethora of opportunities for creatives seeking a versatile and inspiring environment.

Main Living Area

Step into a realm of elegance and comfort with the main living area of this loft apartment. The open-plan space is adorned with rich hardwood flooring and a neutral color palette, providing a canvas that awaits your creative touch. The large windows bathe the room in natural light, highlighting the warm tones of the wooden floors and chic furniture. Here, you'll find a plush sectional sofa that offers endless possibilities for seating arrangements and camera angles. The living space is anchored by an exquisite white fireplace and a sleek television unit, both of which can serve as captivating backdrops for your narrative.

The living area flows seamlessly into a dining space, perfect for scenes that call for a convivial meal or an intimate gathering. The versatility of this space is unmatched, allowing for easy customization to fit your shoot's theme and style.

Main Living Area with Natural Light

Secondary Living Space

For a change of atmosphere, the secondary living space presents a cozy gray sectional sofa nestled by a window that frames the serene garden views. This area offers a softer lighting ambiance, ideal for more intimate or reflective scenes. The decorative pillows and indoor plants infuse the space with texture and vitality, creating an inviting setting that feels like home. A picturesque window adorned with flower boxes and greenery sets a peaceful tone, making it an excellent choice for close-up shots or interviews.

Secondary Living Space with Garden Views

Decorative Elements

The apartment is graced with an array of ornate gold mirrors that add a touch of sophistication and depth to the interior. These mirrors are not only decorative but can also be used creatively within your shots to play with reflections and perspectives. The space is further enhanced by various decorative elements, including stylish table lamps, framed artwork, and a well-curated bookshelf, all contributing to the personalized and authentic feel of the environment.

Kitchen Area

The kitchen is a vision in white, offering a tranquil and pristine workspace equipped with modern appliances. It's an ideal backdrop for culinary shoots or scenes depicting family life. The vibrant fruit arrangements and a charming chalkboard add a splash of color and can be styled to suit thematic shoots or to convey messages within your scenes. A generous window in the kitchen ensures a soft diffusion of light, potentially reducing the need for artificial lighting setups.

Bright White Kitchen Area

Outdoor Space

The crown jewel of this loft apartment is the expansive 100m terrace with a stunning view of the park. The terrace extends the entire length of the apartment, offering a secluded oasis free from the sight of neighboring buildings, with only the lush tree crowns in view. It features a cozy area with sofas and a BBQ, perfect for outdoor dining scenes or casual relaxation moments. Additionally, the terrace is equipped with a black material pull-out backdrop, making it an exceptional setting for outdoor shoots.

For a touch of whimsy, the hanging chair provides a unique and eye-catching seating option that can be utilized for a variety of creative shots, surrounded by the natural beauty of potted plants and the park's greenery.

Terrace with Park View and Hanging Chair


The apartment includes two bathrooms, each with its own character. One features a bathtub, while the other boasts both a bathtub and a shower. The bathrooms are designed with modern fixtures, large mirrors, and ornate wall lights, providing an elegant setting for beauty routines or wellness-themed content. The vibrant yellow wall in one of the bathrooms adds a pop of color, creating visual interest and a dynamic contrast.

Modern Bathroom with Yellow Wall

Neighborhood and Area

Nestled in a vibrant and pristine neighborhood, this loft apartment is surrounded by an array of amenities. You'll find yourself well-connected to public transport, making it easy for your crew and talent to arrive at the location. The area boasts a selection of restaurants, bars, and gyms, as well as the picturesque park just across the street. The neighborhood's charm and cleanliness add to the appeal of the location, providing a pleasant and secure environment for your production.

Local Weather and Conditions

The local weather patterns are conducive to shooting throughout the year, with distinct seasonal changes that can be leveraged for thematic content. The best visiting times are during the spring and fall when the weather is mild and the natural lighting is optimal for outdoor shoots. However, the ample natural light that fills the apartment's interior spaces makes it a suitable location regardless of the season.

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FAQ Section

Q: Can the children's bedroom be used for shooting?
A: Yes, the children's bedroom, which features a delightful mix of princess and Jurassic Park themes, is available for shooting upon prior request.

Q: Is there any outdoor furniture available for use on the terrace?
A: Yes, the terrace is furnished with sofas and a BBQ area, perfect for outdoor scenes. A black material backdrop is also available for shoots.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the type of equipment I can bring?
A: We welcome a variety of equipment to suit your shooting needs. However, please inform us of any large or heavy equipment in advance to ensure a smooth production process.


When compared to similar photo and video shoot locations, this loft apartment stands out for its unique combination of indoor elegance and outdoor serenity. The availability of two distinct living spaces, a modern kitchen, and a terrace with park views provides a competitive edge. The natural light that floods the apartment is a significant advantage, reducing the need for additional lighting equipment. With its competitive pricing starting from 70€ per hour, this location offers exceptional value for a setting of this caliber.

Experience the perfect setting for your creative vision. Book now and bring your project to life in this exquisite loft apartment.


Park View Loft Studio: Ideal Photo & Film Location with Terrace

Spacious 2-bed apartment with a stunning park-view terrace, BBQ & backdrop area. Features a whimsical children's room, open-plan living with natural light, modern kitchen, cozy secondary space, and well-appointed bathrooms. Ideal for lifestyle shoots, near amenities & public transport.
Berlin, Germany
70€ per hour