Spacious modern photo studio with high ceilings, professional lighting equipment, and a large white cyclorama wall. The studio features a smooth grey floor, track lighting system on the ceiling, and various types of studio lights including softboxes. A large window with blinds provides natural light, complementing the controlled lighting setup. Ideal for photo shoots, film productions, and commercial projects requiring a versatile and well-equipped indoor location.

Welcome to SMAL Production Studio: Your Premier Photo and Video Production Space

Discover the ultimate canvas for your creative vision at SMAL Production Studio, where every square meter is designed to inspire and facilitate your photo and video projects. Our expansive 95 square meter studio is not just a space—it's a breeding ground for innovation and professionalism in the heart of a vibrant city. With a main room measuring 13.5m in length, 7m in depth, and 3.5m in height, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Main Studio Area: A Blank Canvas for Your Creativity

Main Studio Area

Step into our main studio area, where a neutral color palette of white walls and grey flooring awaits to be transformed by your creative touch. The space is a chameleon, ready to adapt to the unique requirements of your shoot, whether you're capturing high-fashion editorials or filming a dynamic commercial.

Lighting is the soul of any production, and our studio is equipped with an array of professional lighting options. Ceiling-mounted track lights and free-standing light fixtures are at your disposal, ensuring you can sculpt the perfect ambiance for every scene.

The modular nature of our studio space allows for an array of setups and backdrops, making it the ideal playground for photographers and videographers alike.

Support Areas: Organized for Efficiency

Support Areas

Our integrated storage solutions are a testament to our commitment to organization and efficiency. Shelving units brimming with equipment and props are meticulously arranged, ensuring that everything you need is within reach.

Dedicated workstations and desks offer the perfect spot for equipment setup, editing, or managing the shoot, providing a seamless workflow from conception to completion.

For those who require custom set pieces or props, our workshop area is a treasure trove of potential. With wood panels, construction tools, and a world of possibilities, your set will be as unique as your vision.

Auxiliary Spaces: Versatility at Its Best

Auxiliary Spaces

Our kitchen area is not just a place for coffee breaks—it's a modern, sleek backdrop for lifestyle or culinary shoots. Equipped with the latest appliances, it's ready to add that touch of domestic elegance to your production.

The large windows bathe the studio in natural light, creating a soft, ambient atmosphere that's perfect for shoots requiring a gentler touch. And when control is key, our blackout curtains are at the ready to provide the privacy and lighting conditions you desire.

Unique Features: Tailored for Professionals

Unique Features

Our studio is a symphony of light and shadow, with variably lit areas that include a low-light setup with colored lighting. Create different moods and atmospheres with ease, crafting the perfect setting for every shot.

The high ceilings with exposed infrastructure are not just an aesthetic choice—they allow for rigging equipment and flexible lighting placement, giving you the freedom to experiment and innovate.

Climate control is essential for maintaining comfort during long hours of shooting, and our studio ensures that talent and crew can focus on their art, not the temperature.

Neighborhood and Area: A Cultural Tapestry

SMAL Production Studio is nestled in a neighborhood that's as dynamic and diverse as the productions it hosts. The area is steeped in culture and history, offering a rich backdrop for any project. Whether you're looking for urban grit or historical charm, the surrounding cityscape provides endless opportunities for on-location shoots and inspiration.

Local Weather and Conditions: Plan for Perfection

The local weather patterns are conducive to year-round shooting, with distinct seasons that offer a variety of natural backdrops. The best visiting times are during the spring and fall when the mild weather complements the natural lighting. Seasonal considerations, such as the vibrant colors of autumn or the crisp air of spring, can add a unique touch to your production.

Book Your Next Production at SMAL Production Studio

Ready to bring your vision to life? Book Now or Contact for More Information. Our studio is available for rent at a daily rate that includes all the amenities you need for a successful shoot. Location scouting is also possible during office hours, ensuring that every detail is perfect for your production.

FAQ Section

  • What equipment is included in the rental? The rental includes access to our professional lighting options, workstations, and a variety of props from our storage.
  • Can I visit the studio before booking? Yes, location scouting is possible during office hours to ensure the space meets your needs.
  • Are there any additional charges? Our straightforward pricing includes studio space, multipurpose area, workshop, kitchen, high-speed wifi, temperature control charges, and cleaning service. No hidden fees!

Comparison: Why Choose SMAL Production Studio?

When compared to similar options, SMAL Production Studio stands out for its spacious and customizable environment, professional amenities, and inclusive pricing. Our studio is not just a space—it's a partner in your creative process, offering the tools and flexibility you need to produce outstanding visual content.

With a daily rate starting from 490€, inclusive of all the features you need for a seamless production experience, SMAL Production Studio is the smart choice for professionals seeking quality, convenience, and value.

Don't wait to make your production dreams a reality. Book your spot at SMAL Production Studio today!


Versatile Photo & Video Studio Rental in Vibrant City Area

Versatile 95m² studio for photo/video shoots with 13.5x7m main area, customizable spaces, professional lighting, prop storage, workshop, kitchen, high-speed wifi, and climate control. Offers natural light, blackout options, and pre-rental scouting. Ideal for diverse production needs.
München, Germany
490€ per day