Community Rules and Guidelines


Speak in English. The Beazy community is global and English is the most commonly known language. You are free to use your preferred language in private messages.

Be respectful to one another. Racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted comments based on things such as religion, culture, or identity will not be tolerated. Comments or content that is disrespectful and/or content that shares private and personal information without approval will be removed. We have no tolerance for bullying or harassment.

Only constructive feedback. We all have different levels of experience in the creative community, as well as different tastes and preferences when it comes to creative output, so it is important to always be respectful when making comments about other people’s work. Everybody from all professional backgrounds is welcome. There are no stupid questions here! 

No spam. Beazy is allowed to promote its services, however, all contributions from the community members should be relevant and related to content and media production. Keep in mind that this is not a place for unsolicited personal or commercial solicitation or advertising. 

The right way of doing things. We encourage everyone to message, work together, and network. Even so, please avoid publishing posts or comments on the community exclusively to find talent and equipment or invite people to your personal projects. You can use the Beazy platform to create and manage your projects and find collaborators, locations, and the gear you need.

Be kind and have fun. Ultimately this is a place for creatives to connect, exchange ideas and projects, collaborate and discuss gear, locations, and anything related to media production. Remember we are all here because we want the same thing, an inclusive and interesting community. Welcome to Beazy!  

Keep it legal. Participating in, suggesting, or encouraging any illegal activity is cause for immediate removal.

One account per user. Creating multiple accounts is discouraged. If you change emails please update your existing account settings instead of creating a new one. If you need help contact


Mind your language. Don’t use written swear words or offensive language.

Post decent content. No pornographic, sexual, violent, racist, religious, or sexist content. Nudity is only accepted in an artistic context.

Keep it real. Share your own original work and, If you share someone else’s work, credit them and the team who worked on it, including models and actors.

Link to files. Rather than uploading a file try to share it in a link to keep things organized.

Be your own critic. Check what you share and review it before you make it public. Remember that everything you share is your own responsibility.

Report it. We might miss something. Let us know if we need to check any contributions that fail to follow the Beazy guidelines. 


Leave reviews. This ensures better future transactions and helps us regulate the platform to make sure the service is always as trustworthy and safe as possible.

Be honest and transparent. Don't lie. Present yourself, your rentals, projects, and your needs the way they are. If there's any issue or question, make sure to point them out before completing the transaction.

Respect what you rent. Treat the equipment or the location you are renting like it is your own, showing respect and care. 

Communicate clearly. Make sure everyone is on the same page. Detail all your requirements and define clearly the pickup and drop-off location and time. Contact the owner immediately if there is any issue with the equipment or the location rented. If you urgently need to rent a location and/or equipment send a message to the supplier to confirm availability before booking, it’s possible that you might be rejected and your booking money might not be returned as fast as you need.

Keep it clean. Make sure your equipment is clean and fully functioning. If you're renting a location, ensure it conforms to the photos and the description displayed on your Beazy listing.

Be committed. Clearly define the type of requests you're interested in, what you allow and what you don't. Have notifications on, monitor your inbox and If you decide to accept a request, proceed accordingly as the renter's project now depends on you and your listing.

Keep it up to date. If you move to a different location, update your equipment/location listings to match it, and, if you are not able to provide location or equipment in a specific time period, update your calendar availability. 

Rental policies

Cancellation Policy

Rental cancellation fees and rules are imposed by the Owner of the listing. In the case that there isn’t a clear cancellation policy defined in the listing, renters will follow Beazy’s cancellation policy, which states that renters can cancel a rental request before it is accepted, more than 48 hours before the start date, or within 2 hours of the request being accepted, at which point the rental is fully refundable. If the renter cancels within 48 hours of the rental pick-up/booking date, they will receive a 50% refund. If the renter cancels within 24 hours of the rental pick-up/booking date, the rental is non-refundable. It is the users’ obligation to follow up on the communication related to the transaction and when this does not happen Beazy has the right to intervene.

Rental Pick-up & Drop-off Times

Unless both the renter and the supplier agree, in writing on the transaction conversation, to another time and schedule, Beazy suggests that renters must pick up the rented items from 2 PM on the rental pick-up day and return equipment by 2 PM on the drop-off day; Late rental drop-off fees may apply if any item is returned later than the agreed-upon date and time.

Late Rental Drop-off Fees

Rentals dropped off after 2 PM on the drop-off day, or after the previously agreed upon time, are subject to a late drop-off fee that equals a one-day rental fee for the Listing. The renter must pay any late drop-off fee, which will be charged every 24 hours after the late drop-off until the rental is returned to the supplier. Late rental drop-off fees are imposed at the supplier’s discretion. For location rentals, the extra time spent on location will be charged accordingly and at the supplier’s discretion.

Transacting out of Beazy

Any efforts to move rentals or sales initiated on Beazy off-site to avoid fees are strictly prohibited and will result in account suspension or termination. Furthermore, any transaction initiated on Beazy and completed off-site will not be covered by any of Beazy's policies or protections. Perpetuating this conduct, and intentionally sharing contact information to allow it, promotes the implementation of stricter regulations on the platform which impacts all users. 🤗 


Projects are for everyone. Not just for brands! Projects can be created by anyone with an account on Beazy, that means you too. When you want to find a model and MUA for a fashion shoot, that’s a project! When you want a location and actors for a short film, that’s a project! You get the idea. Projects provide visibility and if you don’t want to spend time looking for creatives, locations, and gear you can simply create a project

Make it good. When creating a project be as thorough as you can possibly be and provide all the information necessary for the creatives and suppliers to evaluate if it’s something they want to be part of. By filling in all the sections in the form you’ll have more probability of receiving suitable proposals and thus successfully reaching your goals.

Don’t waste time. Yours and others! 😄 Create a project, follow up on proposals and work on it to completion. If you can’t complete it by the estimated time, update your project deadline. When a project is inactive and/or out of date, Beazy will have to close it for you. Needless to say but here it goes - do not create fake projects. If you need support with a project, talk to us, we can help. 

Share your project. Feel free to share your project on social media and let people know that they can create an account on Beazy to make a proposal. We do our bit to market the projects ourselves, nonetheless, more publicity will bring more attention to your brand or idea. 

Together with our Terms and Privacy Policy, these community rules state the agreement between you and Beazy UG (haftungsbeschränkt). We rely on all members of our community to make Beazy the safest and most respectful platform it can be for its users, therefore Beazy expects its members to observe the following rules on and any other websites operated by Beazy, including but not limited to Violations of these guidelines may result in the removal of material, comments, or other user content and/or termination of a user’s rights to use and registration.